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Prepare for an efficient move while you get your home ready to sell.

Staging to appeal to a young family
Staged to appeal to a young family buying a home, but practical and comfortable enough to enjoy a cozy nighttime story.

Real Estate Agents know that staged homes will sell faster and more competitively than those that go on the market au naturelle.

When my clients have time to combine the marketing and sale of their home with a strategy for their upcoming move, I can help them minimize stress and save money. Not only do these homes sell successfully, but in the process we clear out loads of things that are no longer wanted - resulting in cabinets and closets that look spacious. And whatever remains is organized and ready to be moved.

Your real estate agent is a specialist in current market trends. Their suggestions will help us determine what will make your home most competitive on the market. Depending on your circumstances, staging your home might involve any of the following:

Staging - new paint
Adding color is a quick and effective way to update a home.

Whatever expense is incurred with staging, it is recouped with faster sales and higher offers.

Staging - simplicity
Finding the simplest most elegant way for a house to appeal can be easy and uncontrived.
Staged living room

Staged living room

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"We could never have dealt with 27 years of accumulation without your calming persistence. It was such a relief to get through it and let so much go to our kids and all those good charities. “One” of us enjoyed the garage sale and all the craigs list successes too. We also loved the way you brought our old house to life--and if it weren’t so darned big, we’d probably have stayed another 20 years! Your crew made moving day look like magic. Can’t believe we slept in our own bed and knew where our toothbrushes were. Thanks for making a tough move so easy and for helping us make so much more money than we expected."
From downsizing retirees

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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."
Leonardo da Vinci