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Emergency Supplies, Travel/Packing Made Easy, ID Theft Prevention, Time Management/Task Management

Estate Organizing
Collaborative work with therapists
Special needs - medical, disabled or elderly
ID Theft Prevention
Storage cabinets and functional closet systems
Re-arranging furnishings and art
Time Management
Emergency Supplies


The schedules, the schools, the clothes, the toys, the gear!

Organizing kids' closet
Kids closets need to be accessible to the child. In this case two sisters were sharing both space and cloths, but liked to have their own zones. Color defined this in a very simple way.

Each child (just like each adult) is unique. Customizing different storage and rooms to suit each child’s processing style will help them learn to manage their own time, clothes, school work and stuff. Organizing helps create age appropriate routines, systems and lifetime skills.

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Downsizing - without a breakdown!

Downsizing (or right-sizing) means a lot of sorting through memories, letting go and planning for the future. Avoiding stress altogether isn’t really possible when we are involved in a big change. However by approaching it from the client’s perspective and with their physical and emotional needs in mind, I help them define their priorities, identify every possible option and resource, and handle the logistics. My goal is to help them make a reasonable, satisfying transition to the new phase in life. Please ask me for references.

Mini Organizing
A mini organizing solution making use of the things you love.. Grandmother's teacup languishing in the back of a crowded kitchen cabinet? Or a pretty water bowl for an old kitty!
Mini Organizing

When a move involves downsizing, selecting the right furniture for the new home is important. Often we find that a piece can be assigned a new "storage duty" and be very useful. Once an Entertainment Center...


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Estate Organizing:
Confidential and respectful clearing of property; locating important items; distributing, donating and selling unwanted possessions through appraisals, auction, estate liquidation, etc.

Estate Organizing
When estate or tax needs demand unearthing receipts from huge mounds of paper or debris, we are undaunted. If it’s there, we’ll find it.

Sometimes family members are the perfect resource for figuring out what to do with a relative’s property and possessions. Sometimes that isn’t possible and an estate organizer can facilitate an efficient and cost effective clearing of a property. We know appraisers, auction houses, estate liquidators, haulers, contractors, handymen, landscapers, real estate brokers and plumbers. We know what to look for in unexpected places and our reputations depend on our thorough and expert handling of everything on a property. I’ve even found new homes for beloved pets and abandoned animals.

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Collaborative work with therapists:
The most effective way to overcome serious, chronic organizing or lifestyle challenges is to change from both the inside out -- and the outside in.

Organizers are experts at helping people change their environments - from the outside - and we generally find that it makes people feel better on the inside as a bonus. Therapists are experts at helping people from the emotional or “the inside,” often with the result that they feel more able to contend with things that need to be done on the outside - their environments. We find that when a person has the support of both a therapist and an organizer - working collaboratively as a triad team with the client - the improvements are swifter and longer lasting. And the challenge is more fun than arduous. The objective is to create long lasting change in behaviors.

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Hauling away a little or a lot.

We know who will want what you don’t - and how to get it there.

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Making it easy to help the environment every week.

Setting up containers that make it simple for everyone to participate also helps keep a home or office less cluttered. Responsible and efficient handling of household and business toxics, old medications and electronic waste is easy when you know how.

Donate and recycle
Clients are often surprised to see how much they have been stumbling over that they didn't really want or need. One side of this driveway is trash and the other is awaiting pickup for donations.
Donate and recycle
Putting things to good use elsewhere or by recycling and re-using materials
frees up your own valuable space.

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Special needs - medical, disabled or elderly:
ustomized evaluations and practical assistance in making adaptations to furnishings or routines at home or work.

We understand the specific limitations of individuals. This allows us to set up organizational systems that support not only the daily living activities or work responsibilities of each person, but also provides the most security, respect and independence.

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ID Theft Prevention:

Identity theft prevention

It takes hundreds of hours to recover your identity. It takes a few minutes and informed choices to protect it.

Knowing where all your confidential information is, having a secure place for it and using a cross-cut shredder or shredding service are the basis for protecting yourself from the financial, emotional and time drain that ID Theft causes.

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Storage cabinets and functional closet systems:
Designing, improving or fine tuning storage so it really works for you and your belongings

There are almost too many options out there! I can help you select the best, most appropriate storage devices for what you need to archive or use. A few of the suppliers I work with are Home Depot, Ikea, the closet companies, Container Store and custom builders. And there’s always something new to add to my resources. Some people want to hang clothes, others prefer folding. Some prefer not to bend down - and others avoid reaching up high. I’ll find out what works for you and I’ll get it installed and working.

Storage systems - before Storage systems - after
Overwhelming piles can keep you from finding what you need or using space effectively. Non-judgemental and experienced help from an organizing specialist can get you back in control.

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Re-arranging furnishings and art: 
Rearranging what you have can create a fresh, new, functional look. I guarantee you’ll love the results or I’ll put it back!

Sometimes, if a house or office feels uninspired and stagnant or out of balance, it helps to move things around, taking into account the activities happening in these spaces. The result - fresh, clean, functional and balanced rooms.

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Time Management:
“Obedience Training For Your Calendar”

Time Management

Calendars, action files and To Do Lists need to be customized to your mental processing style. You have so many options for date books or schedulers - from paper to electronic. Learn what type will work best for you. Find out if you would benefit from using a timer or a watch that can be set to remind you of time segments passing. Get support and coaching until you develop the habits that make you the master of your time. You will be more likely to complete a task if you put it on your calendar just like any other important commitment.

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Emergency supplies:
For your home, office and car

Getting these things organized seems to be universally avoided. Without creating needless miserable scenarios of disaster, I’ll simply say that with a little preparation, you can be the most popular person in your neighborhood or perhaps the most confident person hiking home in the dark through an unfamiliar neighborhood. How far can you walk in those shoes you’re wearing? What will you have for dinner if the power is out for 24 hours? Two weeks? A month? Do you have fresh batteries? First Aid Supplies? Family communication plan? Hand crank cell phone charger? Let me take this nagging project off your To Do List! Relax, knowing that you can’t predict, but you can prepare.

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“You have succeeded in life when all you really want is only what you really need.”
Vernon Howard