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Assess the situation. Define the goal and results desired. Develop “the plan.” Get started --- keep going.

Clutter Control for Families
Chronic Disorganization: What is it?
What can you do about it?


Clutter Control
There's always a way to store what you need attractively. That llttle striped box has printer cartridges that don't fit in the desk drawer.

From closets to garages and everywhere in between, I have creative solutions and access to unique devices to contain and protect and conveniently store your valuable belongings.

Even more importantly, I can also help you “trim” or purge those piles that have stubbornly clung to you long after their usefulness. My approach is respectful and empathetic and geared purely to help you achieve your goals, at your pace - not mine.

Often my clients have valuable belongings that they no longer want to keep. I have made thousands of dollars for them by selling things through Craig’s List, auctions, consignment and garage sales.

I also maximize tax deductions by carefully donating unwanted items. When things no longer have value, they can be taken to recycling and resource recovery facilities and any useable parts or materials can be gleaned. is one helpful resource. I try to be as environmentally sensitive as possible when disposing of things.

I know how to handle toxic waste, bio-hazards and vermin. My crews and I are comfortable working in our fashion statement cover-alls, masks, gloves and booties whenever the occasion calls for it. We have helped individuals with hoarding behaviors to regain control of their homes.

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Clutter Control for Families

Why bother having an organized home? A functional home makes it easy and fun for each family member, regardless of age, to participate at an appropriate level in the smooth operation of the home. Successfully handling responsibility is a key to building self-esteem and a sense of family strength and partnership. Learning how to get things done at home teaches us a lot about getting things done out in the world.

How organized does it need to be? We’ll determine what really needs to be done to have your home “organized enough.” A functional home is the destination - the jobs that get you there are the road map. I’ll help you create that roadmap.

Clutter control for fire safety
The most important aspect of clutter control is safety. Taking care of fire hazards like this one where paper is being stored close to a gas water heater is a priority.
grab & go cubby
Adding shelves and a hanging bar to this nook provided this family with convenient space for everyday items.

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Chronic Disorganization: What is it?

A comprehensive term that the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) uses to describe living or working conditions that meet a number of criteria, most significantly, the following three.

If the disorganized or chaotic situation:

1. has been chronic or long term in duration

2. effects the quality of your life and those around you

3. has persisted in spite of attempts with self-help methods

It is possible that bringing about lasting change may require special support.

Clutter control Clutter control
This is the “good stuff” after removing trash and donations. Newly excavated space lets us begin to organize the remains so everything is accessible.

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What can you do about it?

As bad as it may look, there are ways to get it sorted out and develop a plan to maintain the order.

With the help of an organizer who is experienced and knowledgeable about the distinctly different causes of chronic disorder, you can:

Cluttered garage Garage de-cluttered
After this family looked at the collection of "stuff" they'd been storing in their garage, they gave away or recycled half of it. Then they were able to install shelves on wheels that can be moved when they're ready to paint the garage. Now they can see what's there and get to it easily.

"There is no time like the present.
Recognize that shame and guilt seldom make any job easier.
Neither shame nor guilt work like vitamins or fuel.
So, you might as well replace that thought with one that compliments and feeds the power that you now have to get started.

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“Take the first step in faith. 
You don’t have to see the
whole staircase, just take
the first step.”

Martin Luther King